Advanced FRP Systems is a manufacturer of high-strength polymeric composites used to repair and rehabilitate aging and corroded infrastructure. We specialize in high-strength carbon fiber systems and offer innovative repair solutions for tanks, pipes, pillars, and pressurized vessels for a variety of industries.

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Sales and Distribution Representatives

We are looking for hard-working individuals and companies to join our worldwide sales and distribution network. We offer generous commissions, unparalleled product, and sales support, and work in exclusive, protected geographic regions.

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If you are looking for opportunities to expand the scope of problems you can solve for your existing customer base or attract a new client base, we would love to partner with you and empower you with a new skill set and knowledge base. We can offer training and installation guidance to help you become an approved applicator or even certified applicator in accordance with ASME PCC-2 (2015) Non-Metallic Composite Repair System guidelines.

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Engineering and Inspection Firms

If you specify systems or make recommendations on solutions for erosion and corrosion prevention and rehabilitation, speak to one of our experts to check our options for a reliable, cost-effective, and long-term solution.

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Internal Positions

There are no internal positions available at this time.

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