Industry: Oil & Gas

Solution: Abrasion Resistant

ID: CTS-6-00087

Project summary:

A carbon steel tank was removed from a drilling rig and sent out for refurbishment. The tank was experiencing internal corrosion/erosion especially in the bottom of the tank. There was also a through-wall failure on the side where a support was removed. The small, through-wall failure was repaired using Ceramic Repair Putty, then HP-400 Novo was applied with an airless sprayer at 25 – 30 mils DFT. The system was fully installed in a single day, in greater than 95% humidity, without any issues.

  • Date of installation: 2/2021
  • End user: Major Oil Company
  • Facility/Location: Texas
  • Applicator: G&C Industrial
  • Products used:
  • HP-400 Novo
  • Ceramic Repair Putty