corrosion damage


Industry: Power Generation - Waste to Energy

Solution: Abrasion Resistant

ID: CTS-4-00095

Project summary:

A waste to energy plant was experiencing corrosion/erosion in their Spray dry absorbers. The degredation was primarily located on a band in the absorber tower and on the bottom cone. The gas inlet temperatures were above 500 oF so the plant elected to start with the coolest section, on the bottom cone of the absorbers. A 2ft x 2ft test patch of a ceramic reinforced, high temperature epoxy putty was installed at 125 mils DFT followed by an abrasion resistant coating system. The polymers are designed to rebuild the damaged steel and resist further corrosion/erosion of the substrate.

  • Date of installation: 4/2021
  • End user: Wheelabrator
  • Facility/Location: Florida
  • Applicator: Internal Maintenance Team
  • Products used:
  • Ceramic Repair Putty HT
  • HP-300 AR