Composite Pipe Repair

Industry: Other

Solution: General Pipe Repairs - External Pipe

ID: CPR-11-00117

Project summary:

A coke oven gas (COG) bypass line had a through-wall failure at an elbow. The pipe was left in service for several years, accumulating a large salt deposit and further degrading the pipe wall. The stainless-steel pipe had to be repaired to prevent dangerous gases from escaping. The leak was sealed with wooden wedges, then buried in an epoxy putty. A high-strength, high-temperature carbon fiber reinforcement system was applied to the exterior of the pipe section. This created a structurally independent composite pipe around the badly degraded host pipe.

  • Date of installation: 09/22
  • End user: Cleveland Cliffs Warren Plant
  • Facility/Location: Cleveland, OH
  • Applicator:┬áNA Logan
  • Products used:
  • CF-500 BD
  • FRP 200 Saturant
  • 110 HT Tack