Birds-eye view of large pipeline in a trench with a composite wrap repair.

Composite Pipe Repair

Industry: Oil & Gas

Solution: Refined Product Piping

ID: CPR-6-00121

Project summary:

A standard smart pigging corrosion assessment found areas that required mitigation on a pipeline buried 10 feet below grade. The operator wanted a long-term maintenance-free solution that was reliable enough to prevent any of the flammable material within from leaking into the environment. Advanced FRP Systems developed a 4-layered carbon fiber reinforcement system that would eliminate corrosion and provide structural reinforcement to this critical asset.

  • Date of installation: 8/19
  • Facility/Location: New York
  • Applicator: RPT New York
  • Products used:
  • FRP 200 Saturant
  • CF-500 BD