Tank spot repair

Composite Tank Repair

Industry: Pulp & Paper

Solution: General Tank Repairs - Spot Repairs

ID: CTR-9-00092

Project summary:

A pulp and paper facility had a large scavenger tank that was experiencing corrosion and buckling plus some pihole leaks. A corrosion assessment showed that the tank only required spot reinforcement. An 8 ft x 12 ft composite carbon fiber patch was an excellent option instead of externally welding steel plate. The plant was able to complete the repair during an outage, without requiring the support of a crane. The carbon fiber reinforcement was successfully installed, repairing the pinhole leaks and reinforcing the tank.

  • Date of installation: 12/2020
  • End user: Georgia Pacific
  • Facility/Location: Alabama
  • Applicator: Coast 2 Coast Coatings
  • Products used:
  • FRP Repair Putty
  • CF-500 BD
  • FRP 210 HT
  • HP-400 Novo