Water Tanks

Corrosion issues with water tanks are prevalent in every industry. Corrosion occurs for a wide range of reasons, including coating failures, microbially induced corrosion, galvanic corrosion, pinholes in coatings, or coatings past their service life. Our team of corrosion mitigation experts will diagnose the cause of your tank corrosion and prescribe a customized solution to eliminate further corrosion and reinforce or repair any damage to your tanks.

Slurry Tanks

Slurry tanks, especially agitated slurry tanks, are especially erosive and can quickly wear away traditional coatings. Advanced FRP Systems offers a wide range of solutions ranging from abrasion resistant composites to fully structural reinforcement for even the most badly damaged tanks. Many tanks only require repair and reinforcement in specific high-wear areas. Our experts can help you diagnose issues with corrosion and erosion and prescribe the best, customized solution to enhance the life and reliability of your tanks.

Fuel Storage Tanks

Fuel oil, diesel, gasoline, and other hydrocarbon storage tanks are standard at most power generation facilities. Tanks that are storing hydrocarbons, especially if not used frequently, are very prone to corrosion at the floor to wall joint. Corrosion occurs because of trace water content in your hydrocarbon fuel. Composite reinforcement solutions will not only prevent further corrosion but will structurally reinforce the floor and floor to wall joint to ensure continued operation of your tank.

Leaching Tanks

Leaching tanks are some of the most aggressive service tanks in the mining industry. Chemical attacks can occur from exposure to low and high pH or high nitrate levels in a solution. Erosion can occur due to high solids content and agitation in the tank. Our engineered composite repair solutions include highly chemically-resistant polymers combined with abrasion-resistant and high strength reinforcement fabrics to ensure the longevity and reliability of your assets.

ANFO Tanks

Ammonium nitrate/Fuel oil is a dry industrial explosive common in the mining industry. Our innovative composite repairs solutions are suitable for sensitive and even highly flammable dry powder storage. Allow our team to prescribe the customized solution for your problems and ensure that your ANFO tanks or other solids storage tanks/silos provide safe, reliable, long-term service for your process.

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