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Chemical Storage Tanks

Whether they are raw materials, reagents, intermediates, or finished products, the purity of your components is critical to chemical manufacturing. With thousands of chemicals being used in chemical manufacturing plants, it is impossible to test every single one. With a deep understanding of the chemistry that makes up our composites and coatings, we can determine the correct solutions to reinforce and protect your storage tanks. Further, we can ensure that nothing will leach out of our composite and affect your process.

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Chemical Waste And Wastewater Tanks

While many of the storage tanks and process pipes are built out of expensive stainless steel, most waste and wastewater tanks are built out of mild steel or even concrete. Even at relatively small concentrations, many chemicals can quickly degrade common coatings and cause corrosion of the underlying substrate. If your plant is experiencing leaks or corrosion on your chemical waste or wastewater tanks, contact Advanced FRP Systems. Our corrosion experts will help design a long-term, maintenance-free solution that fits your needs.


Hydrocarbon Storage Tanks

Tanks that are storing hydrocarbons are especially prone to corrosion at the floor to wall joint if any trace water is present. Composite reinforcement solutions will not only prevent further corrosion but will structurally reinforce the floor and floor to wall joint to ensure continued operation of your tank. Whether you are storing fuels like diesel, kerosene, ethanol, or gasoline or hydrocarbon products, contact our team and we will make sure our solutions protect your tanks.

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Aqueous Solution Tanks

Numerous aqueous materials are used in chemical processing and manufacturing. Our composite reinforcement solutions are compatible with most strong acids, many organic acids, caustics, oxidizers, alcohols, and other aqueous solutions. Protect your tanks with a high-strength, non-leaching carbon fiber composite reinforcement system.

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