Sewage Storage Tank

Wastewater can be extremely aggressive towards a range of different tank materials, including concrete, steel, and even stainless steel. The content of sewage water not only varies from location to location but often varies from time to time. High hydrogen sulfide levels can be extremely aggressive, especially above the vapor line in storage and process tanks. Elevated chloride levels, as well as low and high pH, are also common immersion conditions in raw sewage. Ensure that your assets are appropriately protected, structurally sound, safe, and effective in the long run by talking with our experts. We can assist with inspections and spot repairs to structurally certified repair options for severely damaged tanks.


Clarifier tanks, rakes, and spillover trays are critical components to many processes, from power generation to water processing. Repair options are available for every part of your clarifier, often providing a 50-year, maintenance-free life extension for your clarifier. Our customized solutions allow you to fix only the areas that need repair and are fully compatible with a wide range of protective coatings systems. Contact us to discuss how we can help.

Disinfectant Tanks

Disinfectant processes for water and wastewater vary significantly from plant to plant. Nearly all these processes use aggressive and corrosive chemicals to safely and efficiently disinfect the water supply. Our composite solutions are compatible with most disinfectant chemicals in both the concentrated and diluted states. With disinfectant chemistries that range from chlorine, fluorine, ozone, and lime to sodium hydroxide, make sure you understand the effects of these additives on the longevity of your system. Composite solutions can be cost-effective and provide a long term, maintenance-free life extension. Talk to one of our experts to learn how we can help.

Aeration Tanks

Aeration tanks can be especially prone to microbially influenced corrosion (MIC). Even in tanks without MIC, the elevated oxygen levels will accelerate any corrosion that does occur and can quickly cause severe damage to concrete and steel. Advanced FRP Systems offers long-lasting solutions to prevent further corrosion or to structurally reinforce areas with extensive damage. Allow our team of corrosion experts to help diagnose your unique problems and prescribe the most economical, long-term solution for you.

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