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Leaching Tank

Leaching tanks often have a particularly difficult combination of high solids and extreme pH for standard protective coatings. Even chemically resistant epoxy novolacs and vinyl esters often cannot withstand these extreme immersion conditions. Advanced FRP Systems combines a ceramic reinforced polymer backbone with our best-in-class resin against low and high pH immersion. Learn how our solutions can provide you with 20 years of maintenance-free service life for your leaching tanks and piping.

Mining - Water Immersion Service

Water Immersion Service

We provide long term coating solutions designed to provide more than 20 years of maintenance-free service life in water immersion. We have coatings designed specifically for water piping, wastewater, deionized water, fire suppression systems, caustic water, and acidic water immersion services. Advanced FRP Systems does not simply sell a product — our solutions-oriented approach includes assistance with failures on previous coatings, inspectional services, corrective actions for failing coatings, and custom specification writing. Contact us and let our coatings specialist assist you with a free coating assessment or custom specification.

Mining - Acid, Caustic and Reagent Immersion

Acid, Caustic And Reagent Immersion

The process of extracting metals from ore can require a range of specialty chemicals. Depending on the metals being extracted, these chemicals include sulfuric acid, nitric acid, sodium hydroxide, cyanide compounds, xanthates, and many more. Advanced FRP Systems specializes in polymer chemistry, specifically how a wide-range of chemicals will interact with our polymeric coating system. Contact Advanced FRP Systems for a free consultation and see how our deep understanding of our chemistry can help protect yours for years to come.

Mining - Abrasive Slurry Service

Abrasive Slurry Service

A wide range of abrasion resistant polymers are available on the market these days. These systems include polymers filled with ceramic beads, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, and many other specialty products. These functional fillers used in all highly abrasion-resistant polymers play a critical role in the overall performance of the coating system. At Advanced FRP Systems, we take the time to diagnose your problems with abrasion, study the requirements of your process, and collaborate with your team to determine the best system or to design a custom system, perfect for you.

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