White Liquor/Black Liquor Tanks

White liquor and black liquor are both extremely corrosive when they come in contact with steel. Our composite repair solutions are compatible with long-term immersion in caustic/sodium sulfide solutions. With reinforcement solutions for storage tanks, evaporators, heaters, and process tanks, our composite repair experts can help ensure the continued reliability of your process.

Bleach Tanks

Bleach is a crucial ingredient for the production of paper; however, it is extremely aggressive towards metals and most industrial coating technologies. At both low and high concentrations, it will quickly oxidize metallic tanks, pipes, and vessels, making coating failures critical to diagnose and repair immediately. Fiberglass tanks will generally last longer, but they still degrade over time, especially in higher concentrations of bleach. Allow our team of corrosion experts to help diagnose any issues that you may have, ranging from corrosion to coating failures. We will then work with your team to educate them and prescribe customized solutions to meet your needs.

Digester, Blow Tank and Washers

The pulp handling section of a pulp mill adds many additional factors that will affect the longevity of any protective coating system. Handling solids, especially if they are heated or agitated, will add abrasion to the system, and wood pulp is known to give off methanol, an aggressive molecule towards many industrial coatings. Our team can help determine if your assets are adequately protected, and provide reliable, cost-effective, long term composite solutions that can resist chemical attack from immersion in caustics and methanol as well as any abrasion from your process.

Water Tanks

Corrosion occurs for a wide range of reasons in water immersion, including coating failures, microbially induced corrosion, galvanic corrosion, pinholes in coatings, or coatings past their service life. We offer composite solutions for a wide range of water tanks, including service water tanks, condensate tanks, and lime/limestone slurry. Our team of corrosion mitigation experts will diagnose the reason for your tank corrosion and prescribe a customized solution to eliminate further corrosion and reinforce or repair any damage.

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