Process Water And Fire Water

Water pipes are crucial components for mining and extracting valuable minerals. These systems vary greatly based on geography and water availability. From spot patches for leaking pipes to installation of a fully structural, corrosion-resistant carbon fiber composite, our corrosion and pipe repair experts can prescribe tailor-made 50-year maintenance-free solutions customized to the needs of your process.


Slurry Piping

Mining and purification of minerals involves many aggressive slurries often with high solids contents. Extreme pH along with high solids content can degrade even the best ceramic linings or most expensive alloys. Before you replace corroded pipes or line them with expensive alloys, let our team of piping experts provide you with an option for a non-metallic, highly abrasion-resistant repair solution. We customize all our solutions for optimal chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and set application parameters to ensure the best-in-class service life.

Mining - Leaching Circuit

Leaching Circuit

With both high solids and extreme pH, the leaching circuit can be one of the most aggressive environments in mining. Our systems handle long-term immersion in sulfuric acid or cyanide solutions combined with outstanding abrasion resistance. Allow our team of experts to determine the best solution to extend the life of your assets.


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Our versatile Carbon Fiber Pipe Repair Kits are ideal for external repairs of metallic, fiberglass, PVC, or concrete pipes ranging from 1 inch up to 60 inches in diameter. After proper surface preparation, these kits contain everything you need for a full composite repair.

Advanced FRP Systems will train your internal maintenance staff so they are qualified to perform a long term repair!

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