Power Generation - Water Immersion Coatings

Water Immersion Coatings

Our long-term coating solutions are designed to provide more than 20 years of maintenance-free service life in water immersion. We have coatings designed specifically for circulating water lines, water boxes, divider plates, condenser tube sheets, fire suppression piping, hot condensate, and wastewater. Advanced FRP Systems does not simply sell a product, our solutions-oriented approach includes assistance with failures on previous coatings, inspectional services, corrective actions for failing coatings, and custom specification writing. Contact us for a free coating assessment or custom specification.

Power Generation - Concentrated Acids and Caustics

Concentrated Acids And Caustics

Concentrated acids and caustics are commonly found in the water treatment area of power generation facilities. Acids and caustics create major corrosion problems in immersion conditions, secondary containment, and neutralization basins. Advanced FRP Systems provides long-term coating solutions for all standard caustics as well as concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated hydrochloric acid, and concentrated phosphoric acid. Our solutions can be applied for acid and caustic storage tanks, ion exchange vessels, secondary containment, pumping systems, and neutralization basins. Contact Advanced FRP Systems and see how our education-based, solutions-oriented approach can help prevent corrosion at your facility.

Power Generation - Environmental Control Systems

Environmental Control Systems

Environmental control systems are some of the most corrosive and erosive environments found in power generation facilities. Flue gas can contain high levels of chlorides, sulfur dioxide, mercury, and other toxic impurities that have to be removed prior to releasing into the atmosphere. Coupled with high temperatures and caustic slurries, these systems can be extremely challenging to protect. At Advanced FRP Systems, we take the time to determine the reason for corrosion and erosion and to prescribe the best possible long-term solution. Our custom solutions have been used in electrostatic precipitators, baghouses, scrubber vessels, lime and limestone slurry tanks and piping, PAC and BPAC injection systems, flue gas ductwork, and exhaust stacks. Contact Advanced FRP Systems and our coating expert will help solve your problems for good.

White fuel storage tank against blue sky

Fuel Storage And Handling

Our solutions include highly abrasion-resistant ceramics for solid fuel handling,100% spark-free repairs for natural gas lines, and a highly chemical-resistant system for trash to energy plants. Advanced FRP Systems designs custom solutions providing more than 20 years of maintenance-free service in immersion conditions including hot and sour crude oil, diesel, fuel oil, biodiesel, ethanol, and many more. Our solutions-oriented approach ensures that you get the best possible products for your exact needs. Let our specialists help you with free custom specifications, free failure analysis for previous coatings, and free corrective action recommendations to ensure the long-term performance of your plant.

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