Water & Wastewater - Raw Sewage Immersion

Raw Sewage Immersion

Raw sewage tanks and piping, aeration systems, and filtration areas can all suffer from corrosion for a range of reasons. From microbially induced corrosion to high hydrogen sulfide levels, it’s crucial to properly protect these areas to ensure the continued operation of your process. Advanced FRP Systems can provide solutions for concrete storage tanks, steel piping, concrete-lined steel piping, and many other potential areas of corrosion. Talk to our corrosion expert for a free corrosion assessment.


Clarifier Tanks

Clarifier tanks are critical components of water and wastewater treatment. Advanced FRP Systems has helped customers with corrosion and erosion issues on agitators, overflow trays, steel tanks as well as concrete tanks. Talk to our expert to help you determine the exact needs of your facility and design a customized solution that provides the greatest certainty of outcome in the industry.


Water Treatment Chemicals

Many aggressive chemicals are used for water treatment at water and wastewater treatment plants. UV light exposure, ozone, chlorine, and bleach are some common techniques for killing microbes in water. Each of these exposure conditions requires a unique type of coating system to provide the corrosion protection required for the continued operation of your facility. Talk to an expert at Advanced FRP to get a free assessment of your coating needs, analysis of any failed coatings, and a customized specification to help you get the products installed correctly.

Water & Wastewater - Pump Coatings

Pump Coatings

Pumps are exposed to immersion in a range of corrosive chemicals at water and wastewater plants. Combined with standard corrosion, many pumps will suffer from abrasion and cavitation during operation. Advanced FRP Systems engineers coating systems specifically for pumps that can resist aggressive chemicals, cavitation as well as abrasion from suspended solids. We design customized solutions depending on the exposure conditions of your pump to ensure the best combination of longevity and economy.

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