Pulp & Paper - Water Lines

Water Lines

Service water lines are crucial components for pulp and paper processing plants. From spot patches for leaking pipes to installation of a fully structural, corrosion-resistant carbon fiber composite, Advanced FRP Systems provides a broad range of solutions that can be customized to the needs of your facility. Our team of corrosion and pipe repair experts can diagnose any issues you may have and prescribe a tailor-made solution that provides you with 50 years of maintenance-free service.

Pulp & Paper - Chem Pipes

Chemical Pipes

A range of highly corrosive chemicals is required to treat and process pulp and paper, from caustics like white and black liquor to strong oxidizers like bleach. Our composite repair solutions provide long-term, cost-effective leak prevention, and mitigation. Spot repairs on leaking pipes or full pipe reinforcement can be performed using a chemically resistant, carbon fiber composite repair system compatible with any pipe size and geometry. Let our expert team provide you with the best-in-class repair solution for your plant.


Pulp And Slurry Piping

Piping that transports a slurry containing a high solids content, even with a softer material like wood chips/pulp, will erode over time. Erosion will be especially pronounced around elbows, T’s, restrictions, inlets, and outlets. Our team of corrosion and erosion experts can design a ceramic-lined composite repair system that can be installed around your existing high wear areas. The repairs are compatible with corrosive chemicals, elevated temperatures, and aggressive slurry immersion.


In need of a spot repair on your pipes?

Check out our Carbon Fiber Pipe Repair Kits

Our versatile Carbon Fiber Pipe Repair Kits are ideal for external repairs of metallic, fiberglass, PVC, or concrete pipes ranging from 1 inch up to 60 inches in diameter. After proper surface preparation, these kits contain everything you need for a full composite repair.

Advanced FRP Systems will train your internal maintenance staff so they are qualified to perform a long term repair!

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