Aerial view or top view oil terminal is industrial facility for storage of oil and petrochemical. oil manufacturing products ready for transport and business transportation.

Crude Oil Tank

Crude oil differs significantly throughout the world. Consequently, finding a coating system that provides the best combination of reliability and economy differs significantly depending on the situation. The presence of hydrogen sulfide in sour crude makes immersion service much more aggressive towards coatings. In a different way, crude oil with high water content also makes immersion service more aggressive. Instead of relying on a one size fits all solution, talk to a corrosion expert at Advanced FRP Systems and see how we can help you select the best system for your service conditions.


Fracking Chemical Storage And Transport

Materials used for hydraulic fracking vary depending on the operator and the site. Many of these materials can cause standard immersion coatings to break down over time. Further, common cleaning methods like steam and methanol wash can also degrade your protective coating system. It is crucial to protect these important assets with the best in class, chemically-resistant polymeric coating system. We have helped customers with a wide range of solutions ranging from transport trailers to ISO vessels and storage tanks. Contact Advanced FRP for a free consultation.

Oil & Gas - Water Immersion Coatings

Water Immersion Coatings

We offer long-term coating solutions designed to provide more than 20 years of maintenance-free service in water immersion, including aggressive immersion conditions. We have coatings designed specifically for plant water lines, oily water, deionized water, heat exchangers and condensers, fire suppression piping, and high microbially influenced corrosion areas. We can assist with fixing failures on previous coatings, inspectional services, corrective actions for failing coatings, and custom specification writing. Let our coatings specialist assist you with a free coating assessment or custom specification.

Refined Products Immersion

Hydrocarbon immersion service generally gets more difficult for a protective coating as the hydrocarbon molecule gets smaller. Smaller molecules can more effectively disrupt the cross-linked polymer and dissolve plasticizers and other functional additives commonly used in coatings. Advanced FRP can remove any non-crosslinked plasticizers in our solvent and hydrocarbon immersion coatings to ensure the coating will not be broken down over time, especially from small molecules and aggressive solvents. Contact an expert today to learn how you can protect your assets with the best-in-class system for corrosion prevention.

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