W&WW - Raw Sewage Piping

Raw Sewage Piping Repairs

Raw sewage intake piping is often prone to aggressive corrosion. A combination of high hydrogen sulfide levels, active microbial life, high organic content, and variable pH make raw sewage a difficult immersion condition. Use our easy to install, chemically resistant composite pipe repair solutions to fix leaks and areas with wall thinning, or to completely rebuild piping containing raw or treated sewage.

W&WW - Prestressed concrete cylindrical piping

Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Piping

PCCP is often found in large diameter, municipal water systems. A historic design flaw exposes many of the existing systems to risk of catastrophic pipe failures. Our composite repair experts can determine if your piping system is at risk, and help you plan the best solution to ensure the continued operating of these crucial piping systems. Carbon fiber composite reinforcements are used in a wide range of critical PCCP applications including safety-related piping at nuclear generation stations.

W&WW - Aeration Piping Repairs

Aeration Piping Repairs

Replacement of aeration piping can often be a costly and difficult process. High oxygen content coupled with high microbial activity can quickly degrade a piping system when failures occur on the internal coating system. Composite solutions are faster and more economical and can be designed for spot repairs or full pipe rebuilds depending on the needs of your system.


High Wear Pipes

Sludge piping, pipe elbows, and any piping with high solids content will slowly erode the host pipe. Advanced FRP Systems provides a range of customized solutions for abrasive services. Long-term repairs on elbows can be achieved by building a ceramic- lined, structurally independent composite pipe around the existing elbow that will not leak even with through-wall failures in the host pipe.


In need of a spot repair on your pipes?

Check out our Carbon Fiber Pipe Repair Kits

Our versatile Carbon Fiber Pipe Repair Kits are ideal for external repairs of metallic, fiberglass, PVC, or concrete pipes ranging from 1 inch up to 60 inches in diameter. After proper surface preparation, these kits contain everything you need for a full composite repair.

Advanced FRP Systems will train your internal maintenance staff so they are qualified to perform a long term repair!

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