Paper and pulp mill

White And Black Liquor Immersion

During the pulp treatment process, an aggressive caustic solution called white liquor is used to remove lignin and hemicellulose from the cellulose fibers turning it into black liquor. White and black liquor will both quickly cause corrosion in any exposed steel. The combination of a highly caustic solution with organic materials from the wood creates a difficult immersion condition for coating systems. Advanced FRP Systems provides corrosion protection and remediation systems with more than 20 years of maintenance-free service life in these extreme conditions. Contact us for your free consultation.

Paper and pulp mill

Water Immersion Coatings

Water is found all over in pulp and paper mills including process tanks, waste tanks, piping, fire suppression systems, and drainage lines. The technologies for water immersion coatings have changed drastically over the years. Many mills run these coatings well past their intended service life and begin to see through-wall corrosion. If you’re experiencing corrosion or if you have a coating system past the expected service life, talk to an expert at Advanced FRP Systems to learn about the next generation of water immersion coatings that provide more than 20 years of maintenance-free service.

Paper Mill - Pulping department

Abrasion Resistant Coatings

The process of making pulp from wood has many abrasive areas including debarking and chipping of the wood, digesting and screening as well as washing and recycling of the caustic liquor. Combined with abrasion is the chemical exposure from the organic materials in the wood and the caustics in the digester. Pumps, tanks, and pipes can all experience abrasion. Advanced FRP Systems designs polymeric coating systems that combine the outstanding abrasion resistance of a ceramic with the excellent chemical resistance of a novolac epoxy. Talk to an expert to see how we can help improve the performance and reliability of your process.

Pulp & Paper - Secondary Containment

Secondary Containment Coatings

Secondary containment coatings are a critical but often overlooked area in pulp and paper mills. Many containment structures are made from concrete which brings a host of potential problems for coatings including pinholing and cracking of the concrete. Spot failures in containment coatings can quickly allow the concrete to get undercut and can result in through containment failures very quickly, especially in acidic services. Talk to our coating experts to see how we can help ensure the long-term reliability of your containment structures.

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