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Water Lines

Service water lines are crucial components for industrial process plants that manufacture chemicals. From spot patches for leaking pipes to installation of a fully structural, corrosion-resistant carbon fiber composite, Advanced FRP Systems provides a broad range of solutions that can be customized to the needs of your facility. Our corrosion and pipe repair experts can diagnose any issues you may have and prescribe a tailor-made solution that provides you with 50 years of maintenance-free service.

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Chemical Pipes

A thorough understanding of the chemistry of our composites and polymers allows us to provide accurate and long-lasting recommendations for a broad range of potential chemical exposures. Our composite pipe repair solutions are compatible with a wide range of alloys and can be used to reinforce corroded or damaged areas or to completely rebuild a questionable section of pipe. Allow our experts to diagnose issues with corrosion, erosion, and structural deficiencies in your plant and prescribe a reliable, maintenance-free solution customized to your needs.

Chem - Chemical Waste

Chemical Waste Pipes

Many chemical plants use corrosion-resistant alloys for much of the piping and tanks in their process. Waste lines are often carbon steel. Leaks in chemical waste piping can cause significant environmental implications. Our composite chemistry allows us to provide excellent chemical resistance for even your most aggressive areas. Our carbon fiber pipe repairs can be used on through-wall failures or on areas with continued internal corrosion. Allow our team of experts to show you how our solutions can solve your problems with pipe corrosion.

Chem - Heat Exchanger Shells

Heat Exchanger Shells

Our composite pipe repair solutions also work for cylindrical heat exchanger shell repairs. Composite systems are lightweight and easy to install with no limitations on the size or configuration of the heat exchanger shell. Many repairs can even be performed while the unit is still in service. Our expert teams can design a customized repair that can withstand any chemical or high-temperature exposure that is required for your process.


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