Advanced FRP Systems offers customized, long-lasting maintenance-free carbon fiber repair solutions to a variety of industries including Power Generation, Power Transmission, Oil & Gas, Chemical Plants, Pulp & Paper, Water & Wastewater, and Mining.

Power Generation

With customized solutions ranging from FGD systems in coal-fired plants to circulating water lines in gas and nuclear stations, our team of power generation experts will diagnose your problems with pipe and tank corrosion and erosion and offer comprehensive, long-term solutions.

Power Transmission

Corrosion on buried, pipe-type cables is a problem for utilities across the world. Our expert team can provide the most widely used composite system for repairing underground and above-ground pipe-type cables without taking your assets offline.

Oil & Gas

Our long-term, maintenance-free solutions for sour crude storage tanks, microbially active wastewater, and aggressively refined products will solve your problems with corroded or leaking pipes, storage tanks, heat exchangers, and transport vessels.

Chemical Plants

We offer customized carbon fiber corrosion solutions for a wide range of aggressive chemicals including chlorinated solvents, alcohols, acids, and caustics. Our coatings and composites are reliable, long-lasting, and maintenance-free.

Pulp & Paper

No matter how badly corroded your pipes and tanks are, our composite and coating solutions can provide structural rehabilitation and corrosion prevention with a cost-effective and long-lasting repair. Our repairs are designed to withstand white liquor, black liquor, bleach, process water, and wastewater.

Water and Wastewater

Wastewater and water process facilities experience a range of aggressive corrosion conditions from microbially influenced corrosion to hydrogen sulfide exposure. Our team can design a long-term, cost-effective solution for any of your concrete or steel assets.


Mining equipment is constantly exposed to abrasion and corrosive environments. Our coating and composite solutions provide an outstanding blend of abrasion and chemical resistance. Allow our team to extend the life of your assets with our customized polymeric solutions.


We specialize in composite repairs for critical infrastructure suffering from corrosion and structural degradation. We offer repairs for a wide range of infrastructure including I-beams, concrete beams, cantilever beams, columns, pilings, and other infrastructure found in bridges, buildings, or concrete structures. Our custom solutions are engineered to last for the long-term.

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