Chemical - Water-Immersion Coatings

Water Immersion Coatings

Water is found all over in chemical manufacturing facilities including tanks, pipes, heat exchangers, fire suppression systems, and reactor shells. Many plants are built with inferior water immersion coatings that last 3 – 5 years before corrosion begins. The onset of corrosion can begin as much as 20 years prior to through-wall failure depending on the thickness and presence of cathodic protection. Proactive inspections and repairs of failing coating systems will save plant money in the long run and increase the reliability. Talk to a water immersion coatings expert at Advanced FRP to ensure your assets are protected.

Chemical - Acid Immersion Coatings

Acid Immersion Coatings

Acids come in many forms and they are used for a variety of reasons in chemical manufacturing plants. A coating system designed for sulfuric acid will often fail in less than a week in acetic acid, and less than a day in nitric acid. Further dilution and reactions involving acids can be extremely exothermic, creating new issues for protective coatings. Our team of polymer chemists understands how acids attack our polymers–we customize our solutions to meet your process requirements. Talk to a coatings expert now to learn how we can provide you a 20-year, maintenance-free service life, even in continuous concentrated acid immersion.

Chemical - Solvent and Hydrocarbon Immersion

Solvent And Hydrocarbon Immersion

A diverse range of solvents are used at chemical manufacturing facilities around the world. Does your process utilize aggressive solvents like THF, methylene chloride, dichloroethylene, methanol, ammonia, or supercritical carbon dioxide? Our chemists understand how these highly varied solvents interact with our polymers and we design solutions that fit your process. Our solutions include non-leaching coatings for sensitive reactions, high-temperature resistant systems and even systems resistant to chlorinated solvents. Talk to an expert at Advanced FRP and see how we can help ensure the long-term reliability of your assets.

Chemical - Coatings for Waste and Chemical Byproducts

Coatings For Waste And Chemical Byproducts

Waste tanks and piping are exposed to a continuous stream of different chemicals that are in your process. Often, waste systems are not made out of expensive stainless alloys and can be subject to corrosion much more frequently. Don’t let a leak in your waste processing system create an environmental issue for your facility. Our team of corrosion experts can create a coating system for most combinations of chemicals found in chemical manufacturing facilities. Talk to an expert and see how we can help ensure the reliability of your system from beginning to end.

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