Tank Bottom Repairs

Many hydrocarbon storage tanks, especially crude oil storage tanks, are prone to corrosion on the floor and at the floor to wall joint if any trace water is present. Composite reinforcement solutions will not only prevent further corrosion but will structurally reinforce the floor and floor to wall joint to ensure continued operation of your tank. Our repair solutions are compatible with API 652, and you can use a modified ultrasonic technique to verify the composite integrity and even measure the steel wall thickness right through the composite. Contact our team to discuss a long-term solution for your tank bottoms.

Water Tanks

Corrosion occurs for a wide range of reasons in water storage tanks, including coating failures, microbially induced corrosion, galvanic corrosion, pinholes in coatings, or coatings past their service life. We offer composite solutions for oily water tanks, service water tanks, condensate tanks, and any other water-based tank or transport vessel. Our team of corrosion mitigation experts will diagnose the reason why your tank is corroding and prescribe a customized solution to eliminate further corrosion and reinforce or repair any damage.

Chemical Storage Tanks

Fuel oil, diesA wide range of chemicals is derived from oil and gas, with widely varying aggressiveness towards steel and internal coatings. Our composite solutions can withstand even aggressive immersion conditions like ethanol, benzene, and phenols without decomposition. Further, our non-leaching polymers will not contaminate purified products. Talk to our experts about solutions for any of your hydrocarbon and refined product storage tanks and transport vessels.

Acid and Caustic Tanks

Acids and caustics are used for a wide range of reasons at oil and gas facilities. Both these materials will quickly corrode through carbon steel tanks unless they are appropriately protected. Our composite repair solutions will serve as a protective coating system to prevent a further attack of your tanks and provide structural reinforcement to return damaged and corroded tanks to their original design parameter. Talk to our tank repair experts to learn how composite can provide long-term, maintenance-free solutions for your acid and caustic tanks.

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