Specialty Coatings for a Wide Range of Applications

At Advanced FRP Systems, we understand the high cost of failures and unexpected downtime for industrial processes. Our specialty corrosion-resistant coating systems are engineered as long-term, maintenance-free solutions for a wide range of applications and provide corrosion protection in even the harshest conditions.

Our approach is to combine high-quality, immersion-grade polymeric coatings with comprehensive contractor training and oversight to provide you with a maintenance-free service life of over twenty years in most services. We pride ourselves in consistently delivering the highest certainty of outcome in the industry.

Corrosion-resistant coatings can be modified to offer corrosion protection for various substrates and corrosive environments. We can also offer solutions for highly abrasive environments, immersion in concentrated acids, or aggressive solvents.

We provide free failure analysis so talk to one of our experts if you have immersion-grade coatings that are blistering, delaminating, or experiencing pinhole corrosion.

Specialty Coatings

Chemically Resistant Coatings
Chemical & Acid Resistant Coatings

Our extensive line of Novolac epoxy coatings stands up to concentrated acids, caustics, and aggressive solvents. We can even withstand chlorinated solvents at elevated temperatures.

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Water Immersion Coatings

Our HP-300 Epoxy system is recommended for long-term immersion in salt, fresh or brackish water. We provide enhanced systems with glass flake reinforcement or a non-stick finish as well.

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Abrasion Resistant
Abrasion Resistant Systems

Our HP 300 AR and Ceramic Repair Putty are highly loaded with ceramic to provide exceptional abrasion resistance, especially in slurry erosion conditions.


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Corrosion Protection Coatings 101

Many conditions will start the oxidation process and degrade metal surfaces over time including salt spray exposure, high moisture levels and environmental factors, and exposure to industrial chemicals and acids.

Anti-corrosion coatings are widely used to protect the integrity of the underlying metal components by helping to create a barrier between corrosive materials and chemical compounds, providing added protection in a number of industries.

Corrosion-resistant coatings are polymeric systems chemical compounds that can be applied to metal, concrete, wood, and many other surfaces in order to prevent corrosion. Industrial coatings include a range of polymers like epoxies, urethanes, polyureas, acrylics, vinyl esters, and silicones.

Our anti-corrosion coatings also help to protect your metallic surfaces against abrasion, offer non-stick properties for easy cleaning, and provide outstanding chemical and acid protection even at elevated temperatures.


Benefits of Corrosion-Resistant Coatings

  • Corrosion protection – The metal surface is protected against erosion, heat, oxidation, moisture, and corrosion.
  • Surface preparation – Corrosion protection coatings can be used for surface preparation for further painting or coating. They also facilitate excellent electric isolation and adhesion.
  • Less friction – Anti-corrosion coatings can help remove mineral buildup, corrosion byproducts, and even the formation of calcification in tanks and pipes.

Corrosion Resistant Coating Types

Advanced FRP Systems provides a wide variety of corrosion-resistant coatings that can be adapted to match any application.

Our offer includes

  • Fluoropolymer – fluorinated resin that offers excellent hydrophobicity and corrosion resistance.
  • Epoxy, ambient cure – combine excellent adhesion, chemical resistance, and ease of application
  • Epoxy, heat cure – provides outstanding corrosion prevention, even at elevated temperatures
  • Phenolic, heat cure – excellent for low pH and high-temperature environments
  • Vinyl Ester-excellent low-temperature cure and all-around chemical resistance.
  • Polyurethane – UV Stable weathering protection for epoxy and inorganic zinc primer
  • Phosphate Coating – A thin layer chemical treatment to prevent corrosion on steel parts
  • Zinc Rich Primer – Zinc provides a sacrificial barrier layer when in contact with steel
  • PTFE – the original non-stick coating, able to withstand high temperatures
  • FEP – PTFE characteristics with better abrasion resistance

Many of these anti-corrosion protective coatings also provide abrasion resistance, non-stick properties, and chemical and acid protection.

Properties of Advanced FRP Anti-Corrosion Coatings

  • Minimal surface preparation required
  • No primer coat required
  • Dries quickly and allows high build through a single coat
  • Environmentally friendly and produced according to the highest industry standards
  • Safe and non-toxic

Industry Applications

  • Power Generation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Mining

Chemical Manufacturing

With extensive immersion testing in a wide range of chemicals and reagents, our team of experts understands the chemistry of our polymers and how they can help protect your tanks even with less common chemicals or combinations of chemicals.

Oil & Gas

From thick-film tank bottom repairs to transport vessels, we offer cost-effective, long-lasting, maintenance-free options for all your exposure conditions. Contact our experts for your customized coating solution.

Pulp & Paper

We offer easy-to-install, economical, and long-lasting repairs for even the most aggressive environments, and help you provide your plant with more reliability at a fraction of the cost.

Water & Wastewater

Thick-film and single-coat options help save time and money without sacrificing reliability. Our coating solutions provide excellent long term resistance to raw sewage, regardless of hydrogen sulfide levels.


Take advantage of our cutting-edge, abrasion-resistant technologies. We incorporate custom-engineered filler packages to enhance service life and provide the best possible value.

Power Generation

We provide proven corrosion protection solutions with applications ranging from scrubber vessels and demineralizer tanks, to water boxes and baghouses. Allow our team to design a 20-year, maintenance-free solution for your corrosion problems.

Before and After

before specialty coating

A tube sheet is showing signs of corrosion causing potential leaks of cooling water into the ultrapure condensate water. The difficult geometry coupled with elevated temperature water exposure make this a challenging repair.

after specialty coating

A thick-film coating system is applied over the entire face of the tubesheet. This system will completely eliminate further corrosion and seal any leaks between the tubes and tube sheet while providing a 20-year, maintenance-free service life.

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