Oil & Gas - Crude Oil

Crude Oil Piping

Leaks in crude oil pipelines can occur for a number of reasons, from physical damage to highly corrosive soil. Our carbon fiber composite repair solutions are compatible with all crude oil services including sour crude up to 375 deg F. Solutions are compliant with ASME, PHMSA, and API regulations and available for spot repairs, replacing failing clamps, or full pipe reinforcement.

Oil & Gas - Refined Product Piping

Refined Product Piping

Our composite solutions are fully compatible with a wide range of refined products including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, biodiesel, and other hydrocarbons. Ethanol does not degrade our chemically resistant carbon fiber pipe repair solutions. Mechanical clamps offer a temporary fix — check out our long-term, maintenance-free solutions for refined product piping. We can ensure the longevity of your system with a non-metallic repair that will not corrode.

Oil & Gas - Horizontally Directional Drilled Pipe

Horizontal Directional Drilled Pipes

Areas where traditional excavation is expensive or impossible often have pipes applied via a horizontal directionally drilled technique. This technique saves money on the installation but it exposes the pipe to an increased risk of coating damage during the process and allows for corrosion to set in immediately upon the installation. Girth welds on these pipes are extremely problematic and typical girth weld protection systems do not provide 100% reliability. Our composite repairs are an excellent solution for spot corrosion including girth welds and for larger systemic repairs designed to extend the life of these valuable assets.

Permain Wellhead With Frac Crew

Wastewater Piping and Fracking Fluids

A tremendous amount of wastewater is created when extracting oil and gas. The wastewater can be contaminated with aggressive fracking fluids, hydrogen sulfide, and residual hydrocarbons. Our carbon fiber composite pipe repairs are compatible with all types of wastewater from oil and gas extraction. With solutions ranging from spot repairs to systemic reinforcement, our corrosion experts can determine a composite repair that is right for you.


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