Scaffolding against the wall inside a spray dry absorber to paint industrial coating.


Industry: Power Generation - Fossil Fuel

Solution: Abrasion Resistant

ID: CTS-1-00119

Project summary:

The inspectors at a 1,076 MW Power Generation facility found significant metal loss on a Spray Dry Absorber caused by corrosion/erosion during operation. Advanced FRP recommended HP 400 AR, a ceramic-reinforced coating system solution, as it would stop additional metal loss and protect the existing structure. Due to the size and duration of the project, the repair was considered a critical path repair for their fall outage. Applicators were able to complete work ahead of schedule and the repair was no longer considered critical path.

  • Date of installation: 10/22
  • Facility/Location: Wisconsin
  • Applicator: Hartman Walsh Painting Corporation
  • Products used:
  • HP 400 AR