Composite pipe repair for waterwater treatment plant. Image of pipe wrapped in black composite wrap.

Composite Pipe Repair

Industry: Water & Wastewater

Solution: Repair Kits

ID: CPR-7-00118

Project summary:

The inspectors at a wastewater treatment plant in Oregon found a large hole in a raw sewage pipe near a railroad crossing. The operator reached out to Advanced FRP for a solution. An emergency pipe repair kit was shipped out and a local application company was trained in the application process. The repair consisted of five layers of our CF-500 BD, a high strength carbon fiber reinforcement system. The repair will provide fifty years of continued service, despite the large through-wall failure.

  • Date of installation: 11/22
  • Facility/Location: Oregon
  • Applicator: McGuire and Hester
  • Products used:
  • Carbon Fiber Repair Kit