Carbon fiber reinforced concrete beam

Specialty Repair

Industry: Infrastructure

Solution: Concrete Repairs with Composites

ID: SPR-12-00115

Project summary:

Two concrete beams adjacent to a cooling tower on the federal courthouse building in Houston were cracked and badly degraded from water and wind. A structural engineer determined the correct thickness of carbon fiber to provide the required strength to withstand the bending moment of the beam. A seven-layer system using a unidirectional carbon fiber composite was applied to the bottom face of the beam. This was then followed by two layers of bi-directional fabric applied in bands around the beam.

  • Date of installation: 09/22
  • End user: Houston Federal Building
  • Facility/Location: Houston, TX
  • Applicator: Frontier Waterproofing
  • Products used:
  • CF-600 UD
  • CF-500 BD
  • FRP 200 Saturant