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  • Common Challenges with Field-Applied Liquid Epoxy Pipeline Coatings

    View along pipeline with a field-applied coating

    As seen in Pipeline & Gas Journal March 2024, Vol. 251, No. 3. Coatings are an incredibly important part of maintaining safe pipeline operations and asset integrity, including being a first line of defense against corrosion and corrosion-induced failures. In 2022, corrosion accounted for 22.4% of all incidents in hazardous liquid lines and 11.7% of …

  • Composite Repairs Effective for Various Pipeline Defects

    Composite pipe repair for waterwater treatment plant. Image of pipe wrapped in black composite wrap.

    As seen in Pipeline & Gas Journal October 2023, Vol. 250, No. 10. Composite repairs are an effective method for repairing various defects in pipes and continue to gain widespread acceptance in critical industries, like midstream oil and gas, because of the multitude of benefits they offer. These benefits include 1) being quick to install, …

  • Will It Work For You? 5 Reasons Why Composite Repair Kits Are Safe, Reliable, and Compatible with Your Repair

    Maintenance team applying composite repair to pipeline.

    1) Adaptable Surface Preparation Requirements Surface preparation is an important first step to installing an effective composite repair, but the procedure may vary based on the requ irements of the repair. Sand or grit blasting the area is the typical method of surface preparation. However, for special situations, like significant internal or external corrosion with …

  • Translatable Benefits of Carbon Fiber Composite Repair Applications Throughout Pipeline Networks

    Picture of underground natural gas pipeline with successful composite wrap repair applied.

    For upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors, pipelines are vital to gathering, transmitting, and distributing the energy people need. These pipelines create a complex network of lines, with a complex network of supervising entities. Whether you are an operator of a major gas transmission network or a utility company servicing customer homes, composite repairs are a …

  • Key Challenges for Composite Repairs for Power Transmission Pipe-Type Cables and How to Overcome Them

    Composite repair of pipe-type cables for power transmission

    When it comes to maintaining, repairing, or proactively protecting high-voltage pipe-type power transmission cables, reliability, safety, and continuity of service are of the utmost importance. Composite repairs for these pipe-type cables come with their own set of key challenges not always encountered in other industries. High-pressure, fluid-filled (HPFF) transmission lines often face substantial threats. Their …

  • Composites in Offshore Applications: Overview of Key Considerations & Challenges

    Offshore oil and gas rig platform with beautiful sky.

    Composites are a proven solution for repairing pipelines experiencing internal and external corrosion, dents, erosion, and other defects without downtime or costly replacement. However, just as no two repairs are exactly alike, no one repair solution fits all. Composite repairs are most effective when certain conditions are met, which is important to consider when thinking …

  • Coating the Uncoatable: How to Solve Seemingly Impossible Coating Challenges

    Large tank floor with hundreds of metal support beams bolted to floor

    Internal pipeline corrosion is a gradual process that causes the surface of a pipeline to break down or degenerate. It is caused by chemical reactions on the internal surfaces of the pipelines due to the presence of water, oxygen, electrolytes, and certain molecules. Learn more about internal pipe corrosion and how you can detect it, prevent it, and repair it using carbon fiber composite systems.