• The Complete Guide to Corrosion Management System

    Advances in inspection techniques and corrosion mitigation technologies have changed the perception of corrosion in industrial settings from being inevitable to something that can and should be managed. However, even the best corrosion mitigation and inspection tools cannot fully alleviate the significant threat that corrosion poses to pipes, tanks, and other metallic structures around the [...] More
  • How to Repair Leaks in Critical Water Lines

    In previous blog posts, we’ve spoken about how coatings can fail in industrial facilities, especially in water immersion conditions. This post will discuss the variety of options that an industrial plant has to repair leaks in critical water piping systems like circulating water lines, fire suppression lines, and service water lines. We will explore the [...] More
  • Why Do Circulating Water Lines Fail?

    Circulating water lines are pipes used in power generation facilities, chemical plants, oil refineries, and other heavy industrial applications. They differ in terms of design requirements but have common features and common reasons for failure. Today, repairs for circulating water lines can use several different methods. Each method has its place, which is why it’s [...] More
  • Coating Failures in Water-Immersion Conditions: Poor Surface Preparation and Application

    Along with Osmotic Blistering and Microbially Induced Corrosion, Poor Surface Preparation and Application is the third reason for a failure of industrial coatings in water-immersion conditions. In our previous blog posts, we explored Osmotic Blistering and MIC. This blog post explores common issues that can lead to poor surface preparation and application and how to [...] More
  • Coating Failures in Water-Immersion Conditions: Microbially Induced Corrosion

    Broadly speaking, industrial coatings used in water-immersion conditions fail due to the following: Osmotic Blistering, Microbially Induced Corrosion (MIC), and Poor Surface Preparation and Application. In our previous blog post we explored Osmotic Blistering as a common cause for coating failure in water-immersion conditions. This blog post explains how MIC impacts the protective coating, how [...] More
  • Coating Failures in Water-Immersion Conditions: Osmotic Blistering

    Water-immersion conditions are found in a variety of industrial applications. Circulating water systems, tanks and other critical infrastructure made of metallic substrates are typically protected from corrosion by immersion-grade coatings designed to act as barriers to prevent corrosion. For asset owners and maintenance staff, the ability of coatings to provide continued protection from corrosion or [...] More

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