Operating and maintaining high-voltage transmission lines is a huge challenge for any utility provider. High-pressure, fluid-filled (HPFF) pipe-type cables can suffer dielectric fluid leaks and thin spots due to environmental factors such as stray current and highly corrosive soil.

Traditionally, HPFF pipe-type cables are fixed with welded repairs.

Today, Advanced FRP Systems offers a reliable and durable carbon fiber composite pipe repair solution for feeder pipes that provides a 50-year life extension for this critical system. Learn more about the benefits of carbon fiber.

In this webinar, you will learn how Advanced FRP’s composite repair system compares to traditional welded repairs and how we help transmission system operators move from reactive maintenance to proactive protection of their critical transmission lines.

Composite Repair of Underground Power Transmission Lines


  • Traditional External Welded Repairs vs. Composite Repairs
  • Custom Composite Repairs for Pipe-Type Cable Systems
  • Increasing Speed and Efficiency of Pipe Refurbishment
  • A Truly Permanent Solution with Long-Term Reliability

Presenter: Russell Giudici, President and Founder of Advanced FRP System

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