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CASE STUDY: External Carbon Fiber Repairs for Continued Internal Corrosion at an Oil Terminal

Advanced FRP Systems helped an oil and gas company address their internal corrosion issue on a section of 30” diameter crude oil piping using externally applied Carbon Fiber Repair Kits. Our Carbon Fiber Repair Kits are a fast, economical, long-term solution compliant with all pertinent API and ASME PCC-2 (2018) requirements.

First coat of HP-410 GF over the tank floor and walls
CASE STUDY: Repair of Corrosion and Leaks in a Bolted Oily Water Tank

A company in the oil and gas industry specializing in wellsite wastewater removal and processing was experiencing through-wall failures and leaks of oily water in one of their storage tanks. Advanced FRP Systems offered a repair solution that stopped the leaks, prevented further corrosion, and preserved their storage tank.

Common failure mechanism associated with welded repairs to coated water pipes
CASE STUDY: Composite Reinforcement Solutions for an Aging Circulating Water System

Learn how Advanced FRP Systems helped a power generation facility in the northeast US restore the reliability of their circulating water lines
using an internal carbon fiber composite repair system.

After an active leak is stopped using a clamp, a barrel is welded over the area to enclose the temporary repair.
CASE STUDY: Advanced FRP Systems Refurbished Over 12,000 Linear Feet of HPFF Pipe-Type Cable For Major NYC-Region Utility Provider

Learn how Advanced FRP Systems used carbon fiber composites to refurbish underground high-voltage transmission lines for a New York City-based electricity, steam, and natural gas provider.

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