View of repaired tank roof with black composite repair patch.

Composite Tank Repair

Industry: Chemical

Solution: General Tank Repairs - Tank Roof

ID: CTR-8-00127

Project summary:

Inspectors found damage on several fiberglass storage tanks at a chemical storage facility. The manufacturer of the tanks is no longer in business, so the facility reached out to Advanced FRP Systems to provide a cost-effective repair option. Because of the aggressive chemical exposure, a high strength carbon fiber repair system, coupled with a novolac epoxy saturating resin, was chosen as the solution. The final cured composite is resistant to acids, caustics, and aggressive solvents. It provides excellent adhesion to the existing fiberglass tanks and will provide a twenty-year life extension to these critical tanks.

  • Date of installation: 06/21
  • Facility/Location: Texas
  • Applicator: PCI
  • Products used:
  • FRP 220 C Saturant
  • CF-500 BD