Roller applying gray coating to concrete loading ramp.

Specialty Repair

Industry: Infrastructure

Solution: Specialty Flooring

ID: SPR-12-00130

Project summary:

The employees at a manufacturing facility found several cracks and spalling concrete on a loading ramp. The building tenets wanted a non-slip, heavy duty, vehicle grade flooring system to assist with vehicle traffic for loading and unloading activities. Advanced FRP provided a solution that included first pressure washing the concrete to remove any dirt and debris and then priming it with a penetrating primer. HDF-150 AS was installed at 15 – 20 mils thick. By having the aggregate already mixed into the product and by applying the industrial non-slip coating in a single coat, a more uniform and durable flooring system was achieved.

  • Date of installation: 06/21
  • Facility/Location: Massachusetts
  • Applicator: Internal Maintenance Team
  • Products used:
  • FRP 200 Sealer
  • HDF-150 AS