Specialty Repair

Industry: Infrastructure

Solution: Concrete Repairs with Composites

ID: SPR-12-00146

Project summary:

The City of Braintree public works department observed a significant crack on a concrete slab inside of a police station. They contacted a third-party engineering firm to assess the damage and to provide a recommendation for repair. The engineer designed a reinforcement option employing a high-strength, carbon fiber composite to bond to the concrete and reinforce the concrete slab. The carbon fiber system was applied to the bottom face of the slab, completely covers the crack, providing additional strength and stiffness to the area.

  • Date of installation: 02/23
  • Facility/Location: Braintree, MA
  • Applicator: Internal Maintenance Team
  • Products used:
  • FRP 110 HT Tack
  • FRP 211 HT Saturant
  • CF-500 BD