Composite Pipe Repair

Industry: Power Transmission

Solution: Pipe-Type Cables - HPFF

ID: CPR-5-00108

Project summary:

A dielectric fluid leak was found in several small diameter fluid-filled feeders near a substation. The pipe-type cables had a copper outer pipe and very low clearance around each pipe. A typical welded sleeve or clamp could not be used because of the tight clearance. After a temporary leak stop was installed, six layers of high strength carbon fiber was wrapped around the pipes. This six-layer system provided a permanent repair for these copper, pipe-type cables.

  • Date of installation: 07/22
  • End user: ConEd
  • Facility/Location: New York, NY
  • Applicator: CTI
  • Products used:
  • CF-500 BD
  • FRP 210 HT Saturant
  • FRP Repair Putty
  • HP 300 Epoxy
  • FRP 120 HT