Large diameter vertical pipe outside facility wrapped around the width with carbon fiber composite repair material.

Composite Pipe Repair

Industry: Water & Wastewater

Solution: Wastewater Piping and Fracking Fluids

ID: CPR-7-00152

Project summary:

Significant wear was identified in four of the draft tubes at a wastewater treatment facility. The abrasion was due to internal wear from an agitator in liquid with entrained solids and the wear bands were roughly two feet long. The facility was looking for a repair that would last several years and be installed on the external surface of the draft tubes. Advanced FRP’s solution first provided a ceramic reinforced epoxy putty to protect against wear. The tubes were then wrapped with 6 layers of high-strength carbon fiber, transitioning at least 18 inches onto sound steel on either side of the wear zone. The finished repair will last several years until a new process is put into place.

  • Date of installation: 05/23
  • Facility/Location: Pickering, Ontario
  • Applicator: Internal Maintenance Team
  • Products used:
  • Ceramic Repair Putty HT
  • CF-500 BD
  • FRP 211 HT
  • HP 300 Epoxy