Large pipe elbow inside a water and wastewater facility wrapped in carbon fiber composite.

Composite Pipe Repair

Industry: Water & Wastewater

Solution: Raw Sewage Piping

ID: CPR-7-00151

Project summary:

Inspectors at a water and wastewater facility found corrosion at the spigot joints and elbows of two pipes in a circulating water line. The solution provided started by first blasting the steel surface and then applying a hold coat. Putty was then used to smooth the surface, transition the joints, and to fill in the pits. A composite system was then applied to complete the pipe reinforcement using a galvanic barrier and 4 layers of carbon fiber.

  • Date of installation: 06/23
  • Facility/Location: Ravena, NY Water Department
  • Applicator: CTI
  • Products used:
  • FRP Repair Putty
  • FRP 120 HT Adhesive
  • FRP 210 HT Saturant
  • GF-300 BD
  • CF-500 BD