Smaller diameter vertical pipe with a black composite fiber repair wrapped around the outside

Composite Pipe Repair

Industry: Other

Solution: General Pipe Repairs - External Pipe

ID: CPR-11-00149

Project summary:

Inspectors at a steel manufacturing facility found signs of significant external corrosion on a two-inch diameter steam pipe. Advanced FRP provided a solution where a three foot section would be grit blasted and wrapped with 6 layers of a high-strength carbon fiber reinforcement system. The high temperature resin has a Tg of over 400°F and can withstand continuous service up to 375°F while preventing any external corrosion to the pipe.

  • Date of installation: 03/23
  • Facility/Location: Ohio
  • Applicator: Brock Industries
  • Products used:
  • FRP 110 HT Tack
  • FRP 211 HT Saturant
  • CF-500 BD