Raw sewage intake pipe painted with red primer.

Composite Pipe Repair

Industry: Water & Wastewater

Solution: Raw Sewage Piping

ID: CPR-7-00122

Project summary:

Inspectors at a water and wastewater plant found internal corrosion on a raw sewage intake pipe. Because it was impossible to perform a repair internally, an external repair was needed. The application would also be difficult due to the various structures on the pipe, including the dresser coupling, a flange, and an inlet port. Advanced FRP Systems’ solution was to create a structurally independent pipe around the other pipe using a carbon fiber system. This would prevent leaks of the raw sewage without needing to stop the internal corrosion. It also allowed them to build the repair around the interruptions, ensure a water and gas tight seal, and provide a seamless final product.

  • Date of installation: 2/21
  • Facility/Location: New York
  • Applicator: RPT New York
  • Products used:
  • FRP 110 Tack
  • FRP 200 Saturant
  • CF-500 BD
  • HP-400 Novo