Composite Pipe Repair

Industry: Mining

Solution: High-Wear Pipes

ID: CPR-10-00142

Project summary:

Inspectors at a concrete facility found frequent leaks in a Custom Y section of their coal handling area. The operators wanted to replace the custom pipe with a ceramic lined steel pipe but faced an extended lead-time for the item. Advanced FRP Systems designed a temporary solution where a ceramic-lined, carbon fiber patch would be applied over the existing Y-section. This temporary solution will provide a maximum two years of leak-free service while the custom pipe is fabricated and eventually installed. The repair was performed with the process online and surface temperatures approaching 150°F.

  • Date of installation: 11/22
  • Facility/Location: Nevada
  • Applicator: CL Smith
  • Products used:
  • Ceramic Repair Putty HT
  • FRP 210 HT Saturant
  • CF-300 BD
  • CF-500 BD
  • HP 300 Epoxy